About Us

You Turn is a new, innovative project, set up by Wallace House Community Centre and funded through Worcestershire County Councils’ Positive Activity Grant. It is a project for young people ages 11yrs to 25yrs, primarily for young people who have been permanently excluded from school or who are at risk of permanent exclusion or those Not in Employment, Education or Training or at risk of NEET.


You Turn is taking a pro-active move towards tackling these issues by recognising that an early intervention approach is essential.


Using a creative, sensitive approach, our aim is to raise young people's self esteem and confidence, giving stability, and a sense of belonging.

Young People that attend You Turn have an opportunity to:


  • Help reduce their anti-social activities

  • Improve their academic performance, attitudes, and behaviours

  • Improve relationships with family

  • Meet new people and improve relationships with friends

  • Encourage self awareness

  • Engage in social and cultural enrichment

  • Re-engage with education

  • Take part in community projects /art projects

  • Develop their life skills

  • Gain accreditation and grow into positive, active members of society.

"Without You Turn I'd still feel so lost and alone, I'd still be bottling everything up and, as sad as it sounds, I'd probably still be suicidal and self-harming. I'm still getting support from You Turn and am grateful for everything they do" 
~Hanna, aged 19